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Are you looking for a new job in inland navigation? Then look no further! PD Rijn- en Binnenvaart cooperates with many clients, so we always have an open vacancy in our file.

We will bring you into contact with various employers and hope to find a suitable solution tailored for both of them.

Working in inland navigation

Working in inland navigation offers not only opportunities but also opportunities. For anyone who wants to be free, adventurous and close to nature, work in inland waterways. You live and work on the water. It is one of the few professions where the view changes every second and for which you are paid to sail to other countries.

When you work ininland waterways you have to deal with ships of all shapes and sizes that can come anywhere in Europe to load or unload the cargo on time in the (international sea) ports. There are several ships you can work on. For example, you can visit a container ship, a ship with dry cargo, a tanker or a passenger ship.

Working on a ship

You can work unskilled on a ship and start as an entry level worker. However, it has great advantages if you have a good pre-education, or the port school has followed. In addition, it is required that you have a number of certificates in your possession before you can work on board. If you would like to know which certificates to be obtained, please contact Martin Marin of PD Rijn- en Binnenvaart. Depending on your training and experience, you can work on a ship as captain, mate, sailor or hospitality worker. Being skipper or being is a profession that teaches you by just doing it.  It is important, however, that you have to have ambition, know about tackling and work in a team. In addition, you should also be able to be flexible, because ships sail a lot of day and night, even in bad weather. Other work that is often to do on a ship, is concerned: painting, engine maintenance, ship cleaning and carrying out minor repairs. Working in inland navigation means a unique mix of technology, economics and logistics.

A service booklet

A service booklet is a registered document for crew members of a professional sailing barge. Outside the skipper, each member of the crew of a Dutch barge must be in possession of a registered service booklet. The service booklet, for persons wishing to obtain a patent or certificate, also serves for demonstrating sailing time and ship trips on the Rhine and on other waterways. The service book is valid only if it is provided with the official notes. A service booklet without these official notes is invalid.

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